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How to Select the Best Kitchen Spice Grinder

Kitchen spice grinders are used to make flavors from raw seeds and roots. There are different types of such grinders that you can buy, from hand-held ones to automatic devices. So, how do you pick a grinder that’s suited to your flavor making needs? Let’s look at a few tips for selecting the ideal spice grinder:


Choose a spice grinder that’s suited to your style. Among your possible options are electric grinders–devices that use a cutting edge that rotates, reducing spice particles into tiny size as needed. To remove the processed spices, you unplug the cord and turn the container upside down before shaking the product out. There’s also the manual crank grinder, commonly referred to as the spice mill, which sports two metal components rotating in reverse directions to pulverize spices. Handling by hand is needed to trigger the mechanism that crushes content into spices in the manual crank system.

Another great option is the microplane grinder which is similar to a cheese grater. This one has either a curved or flat metal featuring slanting teeth for crashing. The grinder includes tiny openings necessary for the processing of extremely consistent spice powder. It features a handle for prevention of slippage. Common in many parts of the world, the mortar and pestle is an antique technique that’s also used in grinding small objects. You hold the spice in the mortar bowl and utilize the pestle’s hammering action to pulverize the entire spice into the desired powder consistency. Typically, you can find a wooden, ceramic, or marble mortar/pestle grinder.


All spice grinders with the exception of the electric one rely on some kind of human manipulation to process spice ingredients into powder or any other desired particle size. Yet, hand manipulations take more time and are tiresome. When you don’t like to waste a lot of time, go for the power grinder boasting unrivalled effectiveness in preparing spices. In that case, just power up the grinder, put the ingredients, and cover it. The power rotating blades will do the spice processing.

Other Essential Considerations

If you need a device that won’t react to any juices coming from the crushed ingredients, choose stainless steel spice grinders. Since the grinder type is rust-proof, you expect its grinding mechanism to be relatively hard-wearing. On the other hand, adjustable spice grinders make for excellent flexibility regarding the various degrees of powder coarseness you can achieve. With these grinder models, there are dials you may adjust and achieve any degree of spice coarseness, from small to big particles.

Kitchen spice grinders will certainly enable you to prepare your spices with the any range of ingredients you’d like. A grinder is great if it’s efficient enough in processing your favorite spices. This grinder must last-long and be versatile.

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