Make Events More Successful with Custom Printing

An event tent is cost-effective, easy to setup and take down, and durable. Tents can be used inside or outside to accommodate most any occasion. Community events, fairs, fundraisers, craft sales, school picnics, or summer park events will draw in more participants, donors, or customers with a colorful and custom printed tent. People driving by an outdoor event may even stop to see what is happening.


Tents vary in size, shape, and components. A small and simple tent is ideal for craft fairs. It will provide shade, keep dust and debris off crafts, and set the space apart from craft displays that consist of a long table. The low cost will provide a high return on the investment through increased revenues.

A medium or large one with walls is perfect for a trade show, a job fair, or a sponsor tent at a charity event. Hospitals, for example, will often sponsor a medical screening and education event at a community center. Some set up tents in the parking lot for people to have their blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol tested. Canopies, banners, and signs can be printed with the name and logo of the hospital.

Tents can have one backdrop piece, three walls, or just a top piece for people to see at a distance. Inflatable tents are available, as are arches. Configurations can be customized to suit preferences. Tents are available with room for seating, a full bar or refreshment table, and separate sections if desired.

The Tent is Only the Beginning

Capturing attention and drawing people to the space is wonderful. Keeping them interested will depend on how information or products are displayed. A printed table cloth and pull up banner will bring the logo to eye level once people reach the tent.

An interactive display can be set up to provide information when personnel are speaking to other visitors. That will prevent people from passing by the tent when they see that business representatives are busy. A three tier display can have pockets or shelves for brochures and a touchscreen at the top to engage visitors until someone can answer questions or make the sales pitch.