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Austin Dog Training Basic Facts and Tips

Th fact is that training your dog is a very challenging project and you need to take it step by step to ensure its success. Dog training must be a positive experience for your dog and for you to prosper relationship, and equip yourself with the right knowledge, skills, and attitude. Remember that training your dog using games is effective, and the average time frame that your dog will learn the basic is about six weeks. It is essential to prepare the important things you need before starting dog training like clicker, dog collar or harness, dog treats, dog crate, dog leash, treat pouch, chew toys, calming aids, treat dispensing toys, and books and videos.

Clicker training and other dog training needing positive reinforcement use dog treats to motivate and reward a dog’s good behavior. Dog crates play a vital role in dog training, and crate training is a quick and easy method of housetraining. You can confine your dog in his crate for his safety when you’re unable to supervise him and crate training prevents dogs from developing destructive behaviors such as inappropriate chewing. Clicker training uses a handheld device called clicker that makes a clicking sound whenever your dog performs an acceptable behavior. Apart from holding identification, every dog needs a harness or collar for dog training. The type of collar or harness that your dog needs depends on the type of dog training you want to do. For positive reinforcement, a martingale collar or flat collar is perfect, and a head halter or harness is the perfect solution for dogs which are tough to handle while walking. You also need to have dog leash, and your dog learning to walk on a loose leash is more likely to get positive mental stimulation and plenty of exercises. You can fill treat dispensing toys with a little peanut butter or few treats to keep your dogs happy while spending time with them, and they avoid destructive digging and chewing. Provide your dog with chew toys for entertainment and stimulation to prevent your dog from chewing on furniture, shoes, cabinet, and other things around.

You need to have a plan before starting dog training and set up a regular schedule so your dog will learn effectively and quickly. You can achieve success in small steps, and usually dog training lasting 10 to 15 minutes twice or thrice per day is enough training for your dog to learn a new skill. In order for your dog to avoid confusion, stick with one action per dog training session. When it comes to choosing the right Austin day trainer, it is essential to choose a professional dog trainer with experience handling dogs with the same breeds as your dog,

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