The Most Commonly Used Washers That Come In Odd Shapes

Washers have been used for hundreds of years, and help make a pipe connection more secure and furniture more sturdy after construction. Most people think of standard flat washers, but many applications require the use of specialized units that come in odd, and often hard to find, shapes. The following are the most commonly used Odd Shaped Flat Washers, and the most common applications for them.

Rectangular Washers

A rectangular washer is designed to be used in the construction of furniture and provides a small cylindrical hole to help attach the device to the product being manufactured. Most are flat on both sides and have edges that are also flat, which makes them easy to install. Anyone looking for a washer that can be used when building items should consider starting with a rectangularly shaped washer.

Oblong Washers

Oblong washers have an oval shape on the exterior with a round hold in the middle. Both sides of the washer are flat, and the edges can either be curved or beveled, depending on the application. Oblong washers are commonly used during the installation of HVAC units and other cooling products, as they provide a secure fit in hard to reach places and provide a reliable connection.

Square ID Washers

Square washers are one of the least conventional models and are round in shape while having a square hole in the middle. They are most commonly used during the installation of electrical systems, as they can fit into tight spaces and be secured in place with square nuts. They can be manufactured in more than 20 different sizes, which allows them to meet any specifications a contractor may have to deal with.

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