The Most Popular Solutions Offered By An Elevator Company

An elevator makes it easy to obtain access to the various floors within a multi-story building and ensures that individuals with physical limitations may utilize the services offered by a company. The most complicated part is choosing a vendor that provides quality equipment and installation services at an affordable price. The following is a quick look at the most popular solutions an elevator company offers, and a few tips that make finding a vendor as simple as possible.

Home Lift Solutions

Whether a homeowner is looking to streamline the process of reaching multiple floors within their house or have physical disabilities that make it hard to traverse stairs, a home lift is a viable option. Retrofitting a home for the installation of an elevator requires the use of advanced engineering. A lift installation company will have a team of experts that will design and construct a residential elevator that is dependable and easy to operate.

Freight Elevators

Businesses that operate in buildings that consist of multiple floors often face several challenges when attempting to move products to the various departments within an organization. Passenger elevators are a great resource, but most have reduced weight limits that make them unsafe for relocating large amounts of freight. Freight elevators are designed to move large items with ease and are customized based on the needs of a business.


In some cases, a business doesn’t need to move large items or people within a building, but smaller things such as table settings and equipment. A dumbwaiter is an excellent, cost-saving alternative to standard elevators and quickly transports goods to the various floors within a structure. Dumbwaiters come in a variety of sizes and with an array of speed levels, allowing a business owner to get a custom solution that will meet their needs for years to come.

A lift system is a perfect way to streamline the process of moving items and people within a building. The team at Lift Works has more than 30 years of experience installing and maintaining lifts of any size or type. Call today to learn more and get a free quote to see how affordable installing a quality lift system should be.